The Singing Café

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Who Are We?

We know from years of scientific research that singing improves brain function and there is much information on how engaging in such an activity helps improve quality of life and emotional health. This in turn can have an effect on our physical health. Although singing cannot cure dementia for instance, we know that it helps with a general feeling of well-being.
Singing has the ability to allow people to communicate even if their ability to speak is hindered as it accesses memories. Music and singing help to unlock these memories.

What Do We Do?

The cafés that we run provide a warm and welcoming environment where guests can come along with their carers/ family members and enjoy a participative activity together, singing positive, upbeat songs and use musical instruments such as tambourines to have fun. We use a large TV screen to show words and pictures which helps people follow and we make sure we sing songs that everyone will know. As we encourage the use of instruments, it helps people move about even if it is just upper body movements as we know that any exercise it beneficial. As people sing along they are required to breathe a little deeper as well which also has benefits to their health.
​We begin the café with refreshments and we have a break half way which allows us to chat and have more refreshments.  This provides great opportunity for people to make new friends and find support amongst others who face similar day to day difficulties. People can also share information on what is available in the local community and tips to help with day to day living.