The Singing Café

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What Our Guests Are Saying 

We're so grateful for you continuing to run the singing cafe online whilst we're in lock down, and for your messages of support. Mum has 88 yrs so all three of us have been staying at home for the last two months. The Friday sessions with you and the others on zoom are an important part of our week, especially for mum as her dementia tends to close down her thoughts without social stimulus. Thank you so much for everything you do! – Mike, Christina and Mavis

I would like to say thank you very much to you and your husband for all the hard work, time and effort you both put into running the virtual Singing Cafe for us all. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to meet up with familiar faces twice a week and sing along together, plus the chance to see new faces too. The music, songs and smiling faces are something that is much needed at a time when we have all been locked in our homes for 2 months now with no end in sight for when normality will return. The singing cafe gives us all something to look forward to and helps to return us to some sense of normality and have fun at the same time! It has been an excellent opportunity also for my mum and her friend to see each other and sing along together too. Thank you for asking us for requests, so that we all get the chance to sing our favourites, and for the reminders before each meeting! Looking forward to the next one! – Louise and Marcia

Would just like to say how much the Singing Cafe has helped me through lockdown. It has given me something fun and enjoyable to look forward to  twice a week and it is lovely to see friends that I haven’t been able to see enjoying it too. Thank you so much for all your hard work Catherine Henderson -Teresa Fine

Mum is loving The Singing Cafe on Zoom. She loves seeing people’s faces on the screen and tapping away to the beat of the songs. The Singing Cafe gives her a bit of normality in these very strange times. - Joan and Sarah

I just wanted to write to say many thanks from my parents Pauline and John who have really appreciated how Catherine has enabled the Singing Cafe to be accessed online during the current pandemic. It has given them something to look forward to as they are able to see all their friends. And when Catherine added a second date it was a real bonus! 

Many thanks for taking the time and for caring. - Karen Crane 

Since finding this group our Fridays have totally changed. We really look forward to coming and meeting with people who are so friendly and welcoming, you find that you are not alone. - Betty and Ted 

The singing café works so effectively for my father as it enhances his participation, social and emotional skills, decreases his behavioural problems and acts as a stimulus for recall and language skills. Over the weeks, I have seen my father become more involved, focused, engaged and happy. He is aware of the people who are missing, or if anyone is new. He is now joining in dancing with the people, he calls his friends and is beginning to, not just participating in singing along with them, but actually talking to them.  My mum, as his carers, also heavily relies on these sessions as it is a chance for her to really engage with her husband in a warm, friendly environment, where everyone knows your name and without any preconceived judgements or prejudices.  My father rarely bothers to get up in the morning without my mother having to prompt him. She then has to help him get washed, dressed and eat his breakfast. Every Friday my Father does all these things for himself because he has a reason to get up. My father says he likes the singing café “because it’s nice. They are a lovely lot there which makes me feel fine.” If this is taken away from him, it would be really detrimental to his social and emotional wellbeing. And if this is how my father feels, well by the look on everybody’s face, I would say there is a very good chance that everyone else would feel the same way. Please allow the singing café to continue. - Nicky Rothwell 

We have been attending Coalville Library Cafe for the last 10 months. We first came across this cafe when my husband had been diagnosed with Alzeihmas. I am sure anyone dealing with this complaint realises just how difficult it is to keep holding on to how this person was before they were ill. Our hrs that we spend with Catherine and Bob at the cafe  have   given us  something to really look forward to  I ACTUALLY FEEL THAT  I HAVE MY HUSBAND BACK WITH ME. Seeing him dancing and  singing helps me to lose  myself. for that time. We have both made new friends whom we love to see once a week.  Around  Coalville there are very few places people can go and be befriended in this way. Personally as you can hear i could not be more grateful. That Catherine and bob give up their precious time to all of us. - Cynthia and David Moore

Approximately 6 years ago I walked into my local library to help my then 16 year-old grandson copy his CV but instead of the silence I was expecting I was greeted by the sound of singing out of curiosity I approached the group and was met by a group of happy smiling faces singing and dancing I after it finished I approached the lady in charge to ask if my 60 year old sister and her friend both with special needs could join their group I cannot begin to say just how much joy it has brought to their lives they live for Friday's meeting up with their friends at the singing cafe.  To lose this would be a travesty people who have special needs miss out on so much so anything that can bring happiness into their lives must be supported- Judy Mellor

For mum and me the Singing Café is a genuine highlight of our week. Mum has Alzheimer's and I'm her carer. Mum really enjoys being there and the stimulation of singing along, chatting over a cup of tea, familiar faces, familiar songs, supportive atmosphere, is beneficial and significant. I too really enjoy the singing, a chance to relax, chatting and sharing alongside mum. Meeting the other people who come, and also Bob and Catherine who run it, has been inspiring for me and helpful. - Michael Seed.