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Our Team

Our service hinges on the dedication of our volunteers, who show up selflessly week-in, week-out to help us spread our message and support those in need.

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Catherine Henderson

Charity Leader

Catherine has worked in the charity sector for over 25 years having committed herself to improving the lives of others through her work. She is devoted to showing how easy it can be to improve the mental and physical health of her community through connecting people using a highly-accesible charity service.

She is constantly updating her knowledge base and training in areas that are relevant to the charity's mission, allowing the charity to grow and improve the lives of more people in as many ways as possible.

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Allan Henderson

Charity Leader

Allan has years of experience volunteering to help those in need and he devotes his life to ensure his community thrives. 

Allan and Catherine run this charity with the goal of improving the lives of all those who want to be involved and they do so with a whole heart and a great big smile.

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